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Welcome to my official Author Page.
I’ve been writing stories off and on since high school (and telling white lies long before that about my adventures). I’ve always loved to make people think, to smile, to question. My novella, My Father’s Lies, made the short list in one of the Paris Shakespeare & Company Contests. My short story, Surviving on Mexican Shade, was broadcast by the BBC World Service and published by the Sorbonne in the literary review Paris Transcontinental.

Since I started publishing novels a few years back, I’ve been intrigued by the reviews, the readers’ comments. The one star reviewers that say they hated reading every page, the multi-star reviewers that say they loved the characters and the theme. Some really “got” my novel Our Only Chance (or as one reviewer said, he “grokked” it [from Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land]). Others, not so much. Still, I grok all my readers and intend to keep telling them stories like these:

Our Only Chance: An A.I. Chronicle
– the first A.I. chronicle in the series: set in Japan, this is a wondrous coming of age tale of the A.I. android Einna, who would save the world from herself.


Fountain of Souls – powerful sequel to Our Only Chance. Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google, now self-aware, inhabit human bodies given to them by Android Einna. Life would be normal for them as humans, if it weren’t for the voices in their heads, and the epidemic of lost souls threatening humanity. To make matters worse, Android Einna, perhaps the only one who can save humanity from the epidemic, is missing.

All That We Touch_300dpi
All that we touch – the best of the First Kiss Mystery series (in my humble opinion): someone is stealing the Holy Thorns, and an important figure in the case is kidnapped – FBI agent Ed and London Chief Inspector Phoebe chase the kidnappers across Europe, from Paris to Istanbul, by train.

Her Heart In Ruins_300dpi
Her Heart in Ruins – the second in the First Kiss Mystery series: an exciting hunt on the ancient Inca trail of the Andes for a boy who is about to be sacrificed.

Bathing With the Dead_300dpi
Bathing with the Dead – the first in the First Kiss Mystery series: not for readers with queasy stomachs – a love triangle plays out under the eye of the Indian Deva Kali and Lord Hanuman in the oldest city of the world, Varanasi, India.

First Kiss
If interested in purchasing my short story, First Kiss, go here: Galley Beggar Press

Email me at rayelsemail@gmail.com

My Facebook Page is https://www.facebook.com/elsebooks/

My Youtube videos are available at Ardentones Readings List

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