Kayaking Lake Ray Hubbard summer of coranavirus – 2020


Kayak in truck

My sit-inside Dagger kayak likes to sit inside my Element. Easier to unload this way.

I have two kayaks, a one person sit-inside Dagger Cypress I bought 16 years ago, and a new 2 1/2 person sit-on-top kayak for taking my grand kids.


I’ve been using both this summer of the virus, to get out on Lake Ray Hubbard near Dallas, Texas, and forget about everything but paddling and nature.

Ray kayaking 2020

I noticed first, things like the surface of the lake: the murky green color, the reeds and the sky reflected certain days like the best paintings ever.


Some days – calm, others – rough

willows at lake

Willows artfully arranged by nature

Kayaking Clouds in water 2

Sky in the lake

I like taking the kids out – though they have mixed emotions about rowing!


The boys in 1 kayak, me in the other


Baseball player likes kayaking too


baby ducks!

I like seeing the giant gold carp roll, and the bass and minnows jump – then I notice the birds who live on the lake and feed on the fish and bugs.

fish Big claw hawk



Young Herons


Really young herons – not old enough to fly – waiting for mommy to bring lunch


Older, magnificent heron

Kayaking White and Black

White Egret and Black Duck

ufo bird2

Bird in flight

Kayaking 3 baby birds in nest

Baby birds


These black ducks sit low in water, then dive for about 30 seconds hunting fish underwater. They make a strange grunting noise when they hang out.

I like the idea that Life goes on, despite the virus…

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  1. Hello Ray, I enjoyed your story. I need a nice story right now. It’s fun to see you and grandkids having an adventure. I love watching the birds with you. Thanks, Cyndy

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