Denver Gem and Mineral Show – 2021


Bit the pandemic bullet and flew two of my grandsons, Andrew and Jacoby, to see the Denver Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show in Denver September of 2021. Been 5 years and I was worried there wouldn’t be much to see – I was gladly surprised at the variety, quantity and quality of stones and fossils. 

IMG_2873Plenty to see inside from the heat, and outside under the cool of the tents.

Plenty of fossils.

And beautiful agates.

And beads.

And cameos.

And polished stones and crystals.

And gorgeous stones from Morocco, with their exotic, indigenous colors.

And crystal clusters, geodes and points.

And even Russian matryoshka dolls for the kid in all of us!


A good trip in perilous times…to see beauty.

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