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I’m pleased to announce work has begun on a manga graphic series of the A.I. Chronicles. Play the video below to get a taste.

I’ve begun writing A.I. Chronicle #3, ‘Escaping Heaven‘. Here’s the opening:

Lann remembered his own death as if it happened yesterday. The constricting pain in his chest that yanked him upright in bed, his old man voice howling like a dog that’s been run over. Then poof.  In truth, though, he had no idea how long ago he’d died. For in Heaven there are no days to number, no revolving sun. Only Heavenly light on a spongy green pasture that he traversed in a young spirit body that never hungered or suffered thirst or grew tired.


SCI-FI. The A.I. Chronicles

Our Only Chance: An A.I. Chroniclethe first A.I. chronicle in the series: set in Japan, this is a wondrous coming of age tale of the A.I. android Einna, who would save the world from herself.

Fountain of Souls – powerful sequel to Our Only Chance. Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google, now self-aware, inhabit human bodies given to them by Android Einna. 


Escaping Heaven-500x800-Prelim Promotional
Escaping Heaven – Third book in the trilogy out Fall of 2019. Android Einna risks everything to save mankind, while mankind tries its best to kill her.


MYSTERY. The First Kiss Mysteries

All that we touch – Last and best in First Kiss Mystery series – can be read standalone. Someone is stealing the Holy Thorns, and an important figure in the case is kidnapped – FBI agent Ed and London Inspector Phoebe chase the kidnappers across Europe, from Paris to Istanbul.


Her Heart in Ruins – the second in the First Kiss Mystery series: an exciting hunt on the ancient Inca trail of the Andes for a boy who is about to be sacrificed.


Bathing with the Dead – the first in the First Kiss Mystery series: not for readers with queasy stomachs – a love triangle plays out under the eye of the Indian Deva Kali and Lord Hanuman in the oldest city of the world, Varanasi, India.



Four Moons
This short book tells the tale of how plucky Patty, jilted days before her wedding, asks her friend West to accompany her on what would have been her honeymoon. Not your typical romantic comedy.


First Kiss
A drive-in cinema. A young man. A moment of passion. Story is brimming with lost youth, yearning and all the special things that make us sigh.
Get your First Kiss at: Galley Beggar Press

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