Ray’s Consulting

me teaching at KL 2
Welcome to my official Consulting Page.

Hey! I’m an independent consultant now, after working for the likes of IBM, Rocket Software and Schlumberger for thirty years. Email me at rayelsemail@gmail.com if any of my below specialties interest you:

  • Programming – I have many years experience with UniData, WebDE/RedBack, SB+, as well as ASP, ASP.NET, HTML, and JavaScript. Visit my resume at Ray’s Programming Resume. (My first project after taking early retirement from Rocket Software was a remote project for a company in New Mexico from April to June, 2018.)
  • Writing/Reading – as of 2018 I’ve written five novels and many short stories – I’d be glad to give you feedback/recommendations on your short story or novel for a nominal cost. Visit my author page at Ray’s Books.
    Need a novelist? – I’m looking for an agent.
    Need a travel writer? – I’ve been all over the world and can tell a good tale.
    Need a ghostwriter? – I’m pretty spooky.
  • Teaching – I have a Master’s in Technical Instruction – below I am teaching a class in Russia
Teach in Russia 2013

Rocket U2 (Applied Technologies) Staff (and me in red Rocket shirt) in Chelyabinsk, Russia

Again – reach out to me at rayelsemail@gmail.com if you think I can be of assistance!